FireAde Fire Systems

20lb. FireAde2000® Manual System (Alcohol Applications) with Billet Brackets

20lb. FireAde2000® Manual System (Alcohol Applications) with Billet Brackets

This Spa Technique Fire Suppression System is recommended for Alcohol Applications....comes with 2 (10 lb Manual Systems)..each system is SFI 17.1 certified and has everything you need to be safe going down the track!!  Choice of tube size Billet Brackets, 8 push Lock Nozzles, 6 Tees, 2 Bulkheads, 50 ft of Aluminum Tubing, 6 ft or 12 ft pull cables...this is the Fire Extinguishing agent of choice for the NHRA Safety Safari....both individual systems are SFI 17.1 Certified, Fully Serviceable and good for 2 years and comes standard good to -40 deg C...additional pull handle can be purchased separately if desired in Catalog...FireAde is non-toxic and environmental shipping

20lb. FireAde2000® Manual System for Alcohol Applications


This system is SFI 17.1 Certified and exceeds the requirements for fire suppression in place for the unified Dirt late model rules


Details of this system:
- 20lbs. of FireAde2000® foam agent
- Lightweight bottles

- Good to -40 deg C
- Manual activation: 
- 8x Nozzles for coverage of driver and engine bay or fuel cell
- pressurized from bottle head to thermal block
- Aluminum bendable tubing from thermal block to nozzles utilizing easy to use push-lock fittings
- BOTTLE DIMENSIONS: 21.5"h x 5.25"dia


$ 1,938.00