Exhaust and Turbo Components

JGS Precision 60mm Wastegate

JGS Precision 60mm Wastegate

-Compact for complex installs
-All 300 series SS/
T6 Aluminum construction
-Anti creep geometry
-Silicone O-ring Piston Actuator,
for long life and easy service
-Nickel Aluminum Bronze
Valve Guild
-Floating valve seat
-1/8” NPT side pressure ports
-V-band actuator retainer
-2.25” V-band Connections
-SS flanges, clamps, 3 springs,
and hose connections included

All JGS wastegates are hard anodized black!


 Made in the USA, not another cheaply made imported copy!

 Engineered, Tested, Machined, and Assembled here at JGS Precision Turbo.

 Built to survive over 1 million full cycles at boost pressures of 40+psi


The JGS600 wastegates includes low, (3-4psi est.), medium (5-6psi est.) and high (11-12psi est.) springs



$ 556.00